Northern Neck Crab Cakes – Seafood Restaurant Charlottesville, VA.


Seafood Restaurant Charlottesville, VA. – Northern Neck Crab Cakes

Here at the best seafood restaurant in Charlottesville, VA – Shadwell’s Restaurant – on Pantops Mountain, you will find Charlottesville’s best tasting Crab Cakes! These crab cakes are Shadwell’s seafood restaurant’s customers most beloved item. At Shadwell’s seafood restaurant crab is king! That is why Shadwell’s Restaurant makes crab cakes that are just lump crab meat, NO BREAD FILLER AT ALL!!! That is right folks; this seafood restaurant brings you two crab cake entrée made with lump crab meat from the Chesapeake Bay.

Many of the other seafood restaurants in Charlottesville, VA use pre-made, frozen crab cakes, or add bread fillers. At Shadwell’s seafood restaurant in Charlottesville, VA you will find that we don’t see why anyone would want to hide the fresh flavor of the crab. So we use a secret binding ingredient, don’t tell anyone, basically mayonnaise. For this reason you will get the taste that you want from every crab cake, and never wonder is that filler or is that crab meat.

So next time you are looking for the best seafood restaurant in Charlottesville, VA, look no further than Shadwell’s Restaurant on Pantops Mountain. There you will find for the tastiest crab cakes and NO BREAD Filler! At Shadwell’s seafood restaurant you can get the crab cakes as the appetizer and it is served with a toasted slice of a baguette and our fresh, made in our kitchen, veggie slaw and our Chesapeake aioli sauce. This is a great choice for a starter. The Crab Cakes are also at favorite entree. At Shadwell’s Restaurant, the best seafood restaurant in Charlottesville, VA, you will get two crab cakes, veggie slaw, Chesapeake aioli sauce, a choice of the fresh garden salad or Caesar Salad, and one of our tasty sides for the most satisfying meal you will have at a seafood restaurant in Charlottesville, VA!

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