Located a mile from the site of Peter Jefferson’s Albemarle County estate, Shadwells Restaurant takes its name from Shadwell, the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson. The accomplishments of Mr. Jefferson, the third President of the United States, are well known. Perhaps less well known, but of equal importance, is his status as one of America’s original foodies.

He brought wine and sophisticated cuisine from Europe and combined it with local produce, meats, and varietals, as he tirelessly developed his vineyards and fields. Jefferson championed local agriculture in order to bring quality and fresh food to American tables as a consequence of his fertile mind and worldly travels. Shadwells Restaurant has the same intentions. We bring quality food, made with fresh, local ingredients to our community at a reasonable price. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here at Shadwells.

Our main goal is to serve the freshest, most high-quality food, while providing great service in a warm and friendly atmosphere where the guest is our top priority. We are excited to be able to bring this great combination to our local community.

We believe Mr. Jefferson’s vision was correct; he saw food as a path to good conversation, good health and good times. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness indeed!

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